Sunday, October 16, 2016

We had a great time in the house of the Lord today.  We had 16 kids this morning on the bus with 4 of them being first time riders.


This morning for Sunday school we continued our lesson in the book of Joshua out of chapter 14 and how Caleb wholly followed the Lord his God.  No matter what came his way and no matter what happened Caleb wholly followed the Lord.  He allowed nothing to detour him from following the Lord with all of his heart.  The reason that Caleb was able to wholly follow the Lord with all his heart is because one word “love.”  Because Caleb loved the Lord with all his heart, mind, and soul, he was able to follow the Lord.  We will follow something that we love and Caleb loved the Lord and followed Him.  There is a difference between being a fan and a follower.  A fan will cheer and be there for special occasions, but a follower will know the intricate details of what is going on.  Are we a fan or a follower of the Lord this morning?  Do we just cheer and come to church on Sunday and that is it, or do we follow the Lord and know what the Lord has for us.  Do we really love the Lord like we say we do?  Do we love Him with all of our heart, soul, and mind?  If we love Him, we will follow Him.  Yes, there will be times when it’s hard to follow the Lord and to trust Him, but we should still do it.  Do you love God? Are you following Him with all of your heart?


This morning Pastor preached out of Romans 6:14-23 on “Who Will Pay For Your Sins?”  There are only 2 people that can pay for your sins: you or God.  If you pay for your sin, you are paying for something that God has already paid for.  We first see the extremes of sin – vs. 19.  The extreme is iniquity unto iniquity.  Sin starts small but eventually will take over and control you.  It gets worse and worse over time.  It will take you farther than you want or plan to go.  The devil is not satisfied without extremes.  Sin doesn’t have but one stop and that is death.  Somebody is going to pay for your sin.  We also see the experience of sin – vs. 17 & 21.  The experience of sin is that you are a servant without choice.  You do it and you have no choice about it.  It will mess you up.  It gives you fruit that you’ll be ashamed of.  It will be rotten fruit, and that is good for nothing.  The world will do nothing but shame you.  Sin looks good for a little while and it will be fun for a season, but eventually it will all run out.  Sin won’t stop when you want it to; its grip is too strong.  If you choose to do it your way, it will be worse than you can ever think.  Sin doesn’t look like a whole lot, but its end is death.  Thirdly we see the examples of sin.  There is the rich young ruler that kept all the commandments but was not willing to leave all to follow the Lord.  You have to be willing to give it all up for Him.  Then there is Judas who went to church every week but played a game.  Sin when it is finished bringeth forth death.  You also see the rich man in Luke 16 who had everything yet went to hell.  Lastly we see the exit to sin.  To exit sin you have to make up your mind you are going to yield to God.  Yield is simply giving up your position to God.  The devil hates for you to yield yourself to God.  The exit is through accepting the gift of God.  A gift is no good if you don’t take it.  Your sin has already been paid for.  If you choose to pay for it again, it will be your choice, and it will end you in a place called hell.  Who will pay for your sin?

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