Sunday, October 23, 2016

What a great day we had in the Lord’s house today with the great messages we heard today and also being around God’s people.  The Lord allowed us to have 17 kids ride the bus this morning and 1 of them was a first time rider.  It really is a joy to see the kids come back week after week and it’s a joy also to see the new ones comes as well.


This morning for Sunday school we looked at Joshua 20 and the cities of refuge.  The cities of refuge were for the children of Israel to run to if they killed a person by accident and they didn’t have any hatred in their heart towards the person that was killed.  It was there for their safety.  If a person committed murder and was found not guilty they could live in the city of refuge until the priest died.  When the priest died they could leave the city and return to their home.  The Lord is our city of refuge today.  If we are lost we should run to Him and to the city of refuge to flee from the wrath of hell.  God doesn’t desire for anyone to go to hell, and He has made a way of escape and that escape is by running to the city of refuge of God and asking Him for forgiveness for our sins.  But not only is God our city of refuge for salvation He is also our city of refuge when we are faced with trials, or troubles, or temptations, or burdens, or fears.  He wants us to run to Him and tell Him about what we are facing or what we are going through.  He will cover us with His wings and we will be able to take refuge in Him.  But, if we don’t run to Him for refuge then we are on our own.  Have you ran to God for salvation?  As a Christian do you run to God for refuge and help or do you run to a family member or a friend?


This morning Pastor preached out of Luke 14:16-24 on “Yet There Is Room.”  This is an invitation to salvation to us.  We see the great supper.  The man bade his friends to come to the great supper, and there was a great bidding.  The supper was set and ready to eat; all they had to do was come and eat.  God made preparations for each sinner.  We don’t need to get dismayed if the person we invited to church doesn’t come.  Our job is to give the message out, we cannot make someone come and partake of the supper.  This supper is for every person.  Heaven is for every person.  Those that were invited to come that didn’t come were eating, but it was for self.  They only cared about their wants and needs.  We also see the great messenger.  The messenger just told the message the Master told him to say.  The Master was not mad at the messenger because the messenger did what he was told to do.  We can’t make them eat.  If a person is ever hungry for God and he is witnessed to he will partake of the gift of salvation.  He will eat of the supper that the Lord has laid out for him.  Every Sunday and at every mid-week service there is great messengers giving out the message and they are giving an invitation to come.  Every person can be a great messenger.  Thirdly we see the great Master.  A great supper meant there was a great price to be paid for the meal.  Jesus paid the price for salvation and it was a great price as He gave everything He had.  The Master paid the servant to get the message out.  God pays us to tell others about Him.  No, He may not do it monetarily, but He will meet our needs and take care of us.  God will pay us to be the messenger and to give the message out.  Give out the message and God will take care of us.  There is also the great mistake.  Those that were bidden to come and didn’t come made a great mistake.  Those that refuse to get saved and heed the bidding of the messenger are making a great mistake.  They will one day wake up in hell if they do not get saved.  Lastly we see the great measure.  The Master didn’t stop at any length.  He went to anybody and everybody.  It didn’t matter who they were or where they were from.  We don’t need to focus on the people, but we need to focus on the reason.


Tonight Pastor preached on “I Didn’t Think” out of 2 Corinthians 10:1-4.  There is no lack in the weapon. We have the weapon, but we put it down because we don’t think we will need it.  The devil does not fight a fair fight, and we need to be ready at any moment.  There is no lack of the weapon.  The weapon is there and ready, but we have gotten our self too far away from the weapon and the weapon is no good us.  Our weapon is not mighty if it’s not used.  Prayer is no better than a letter written on a piece of paper if we don’t pull the trigger.  Can we get a prayer through? If someone was in need, would they call us for help and for prayer? Would we be able to pray for them right on the spot? The devil will attack when we’re not ready, when we’re not paying attention.  That is why we should always be ready to fight.  When we think not, that’s when it’s going to happen, that’s when the devil will attack.  We need to load up on our reading of the Bible and on prayer.  We don’t just need to read the Bible, but we need to let the Bible read to us.  Why does the devil attack? He attacks because we are not expecting anything.  The closer we stay to the enemy, the easier it is for him to get us.  We’re not going to get away with some things that other Christians do because we have been warned and taught by the man of God.  The Bible says that to whom much is given, much is required.  The devil is walking about seeking whom he may devour.  The devil wants to destroy our life.  For every failure we have in our life, we have to say “I didn’t think.”  The devil can get a hold of any life and destroy it.  He doesn’t care who we are, he will attack.  We need to get close to our weapon.  Not just for us but for our family and our children.  Are you prepared for the devils attack?  Always be ready because you never know when he will attack.