Sunday, October 30, 2016

We had another great service today in the Lord’s house.  What a blessing it is to be able to go to church and worship the Lord.  Today we had 18 kids ride the bus with 4 of them being first time riders.  What a blessing that was.


This morning for Sunday school we looked at Joshua 22 and how the 2 ½ tribes that were given a portion of land on the East side of the Jordan River made an altar at the Jordan River to be a witness between the other 9 ½ tribes that were on the West wide of the Jordan River.  It was a witness so that their children would not forget all that were a part of the children of Israel.  It was so that the 9 ½ tribes wouldn’t forget about the 2 ½ tribes being a part of Israel and the 2 ½ tribes wouldn’t forget about the 9 ½ tribes of Israel.  The altar at first caused division between the tribes of Israel and the tribes of Israel on the West side of Jordan was going to go to war against the tribes of Israel on the East side of Jordan.  For that time there was no unity amongst the children of Israel.  Unity is important.  If a group of people are in unity they are not limited in what they can do.  As a Christian it is important that we have unity amongst the church family, our home family, and between us and God.  It only takes one thing to cause our unity to become division.  We must do our best to keep the unity.  We must endeavor to keep it.  We must keep an eye on it and guard it to make sure that we stay in unity.  Yes, we will get out of unity from time to time, but we don’t need to stay there.  Get things made right and let there be unity again.  Is there unity in your life to your church?  Is there unity in your life at home? Is there unity in your life towards God?


This morning Pastor preached out of Psalm 144:1-13 on “The Importance of Having the Right God.”  There will always be gods that will make a competition in our lives.  The god of this world will compete for our life.  Unfortunately most people forget God until trouble comes into their life.  With David in this Scripture he was calling out for help and deliverance before trouble ever came.  There are great benefits to having the right God in our life.  The right God will deliver.  The words deliver me in verse 1 means to equip me, to arm for war, and to rescue.  The god of this world cannot deliver us from anything.  God is the only one that can deliver and He equips us and arms us for war and deliverance.  Our first instinct is to deliver our self when we get into trouble instead of looking to God.  He needed God to rescue him, and we need God to rescue us.  He’s not in sin in these verses, and the evil man has not beaten him yet, yet he is asking to be delivered.  He asked for rescuing before he never needed rescuing.  Too many times we wait until we are already in trouble before we ask for rescuing.  The right God will preserve us.  The words preserve me in verse 2 means to guard, to watch over, to be a blockade.  This violent man had scared him.  When God guards us, He won’t let anything happen to us, whether we are asleep or awake.  The greatest prayer we could pray is to say “God guard me.” The right God will also keep us.  The words keep me means to hedge about, to mark me.  Make it where God knows where we are at.  Hedge us about.  The world has none of these benefits.  Only in God do we have these benefits.  We need God to keep us from the hand of the wicked.  We need God to keep us because we don’t know when the hand of the wicked will attack.  The hands of the wicked are out to destroy us.  They are at work even in the night time while we are sleeping.  Sleep on God and the wicked hands will attack us. The devil is not satisfied until he completely destroys our life.  If wicked hands surrounded Jesus Christ, we are no match for the wicked hands.  Lastly the right God hears us.  The god of this world has no ears and he will not hear.  But our God has ears and can hear.  He hears our every plea and He will deliver us and preserve us and keep us if we just pray to Him.  Is God your God this morning? The god of this world is here to destroy us and not to fix us.  Who is your God this morning?  Is it the god of this world, or the one true God?


Tonight Pastor preached on “What Have You Told Your Kids?” out of Psalm 44:1-5, and Joshua 4:22.  This is talking about a generation that didn’t see the great miracles but they were told them from generation to generation.  Have you sat your kids down and told them what God has done in your life?  Can your kids tell stories of your life?  Those stories let your kids never forget about the goodness of God.  Have you told your kids about His Work?  Everything they told them it was centered on God.  Things they had seen and they had not seen were told to their children.  Do you have any exciting stories to tell in your life to your kids?  You ought to be setting up new memorials all the time in your life.  Paul never got over what God did for him.  Have you told your kids about His hand?  God’s hand laid the walls of Jericho down.  God’s arm takes care of you and helps you.  He helps to destroy the enemy and then gives you the blessings of the spoil.  Have you told your kids about His arms?  His arm delivered them from their enemies.  There will always be war to get in the Promised Land and there will be war to stay in the Promised Land.  Do you tell your kids your testimony?  Do they know the victories you’ve had in your life spiritually?  Do they know about the times that God helped you to destroy the enemy?  The stories you’ve heard will help you at the times when you feel like quitting and having a hard time.  They were special to God and God treated them so good.  You are special to God and He treats you well because you are special to Him.  What are you telling your kids?