Sunday, November 13, 2016

We had a tremendous day today in the Lord’s house today.  We had great singing and we heard some great sermons as well today.  We had 10 kids to ride the bus this morning with no new riders today.


This morning for Sunday school we started a new set of lesson on the books of Ruth and Esther.  This morning we looked at Ruth 1.  We looked at the names of each person mentioned in the first few verses of the chapter and their meaning.  Elimelech – “God is my King” and Naomi – “pleasant.”  They named their kids Mahlon – “sickly” and Chilion – “Consumptive.”  Spiritually Elimelech and Naomi were going downhill before they ever left the city of Bethlehem-Judah which mean “house of bread” and “praise to God.”  Elimelech left the house of bread, the place where their needs would have been met and the place of the blessings of God.  They left to go to Moab; they left to go to the world.  They wanted the world’s provisions instead of God’s provisions.  God tells us we are to be in the world but not of the world.  We have to live in the world, but we should not let the world influence us and affect our lives spiritually.  If we keep ourselves in the Word of God and stay in prayer, and listen when the Bible is being preached or taught, we will keep ourselves close to God and away from the world.  Do you have your eyes set on the world?


This morning Pastor preached out of Psalm 34:1-9 on “O Taste and See.”  The worse “taste and see” carries with the thought of to preserve, to eat of it.  The word “see” means to spy out, to look into, and to inspect it.  The world see’s God and wants nothing to do with God but they haven’t tasted of the Lord.  What is God good at? He is good in His creation – Genesis 1.  God created the heaven and the earth and all that in there is.  Everything God made was good.  Not one single thing did God make that wasn’t good.  He is also good with His hands – Nehemiah 2:7-8.  He helped fix the reproach of Israel.  God’s hand is not slack and it is not short.  The hand of God is always good even in the good times and the bad times.  What we go through does not change the hand of God.  His hand takes care of His children.  God is also has a good way.  He has a good way for us to follow and go in.  The way of serving God is good.  Follow God’s way and it will be good and we will not miss out on anything.  God’s way is good and will lead us in the right path.  The world has not tasted and does not know about the goodness and sweetness of God.  Fourthly, He has a good pasture – Ezekiel 34:14 and Psalm 23:1-6.  He leads us to green pastures.  He is still the same, He hasn’t changed any.  With God we have the right grass, the right fertilizer and the right water.  Even when we go wrong, God will get us back in His Word and back to His House and lead us back to green, good pastures.  We need to keep tasting, and keep trying the Lord in every way and every day.  Lastly, He is good in His forgiveness – Psalm 86:5, James 1:5 and Ephesians 2:8-9.  God is full of forgiveness.  He is ready and able to forgive no matter what.  He’ll forgive us no matter what we have done.  His forgiveness never ends.  As a saved person we have so much of the blessings of God on our lives.  We need to check it out and see the goodness of God.  Have you tasted to see how good God is?


Tonight Pastor preached on “Making Right Decisions” out of 2 Chronicles 17:1-4.  We need to make sure our decisions are good and right.  If we are following after someone we need to make sure that their choices and decisions have been successful in their life and that they were for the right.  Follow someone that is a winner and is successful in what they have done and the choices they have made.  David was obedient to his mom and dad.  Whatever he was told to do, he did it.  Davis was a successful person and for the first part of his life he made right choices and was very obedient to God’s commands.  David made right decision by the way that he walked.  He chose to walk in the right way.  The only person that can give your heart to God is YOU!!  David took the right stand.  Do not follow someone who walks away from the right way and not taking a right stand.  We are good at justifying our walk and what we do.  We need to get a pattern of walking after the way of the first ways of David in our lives.  Who we pattern our life like is who we are going to be like.  David made right decisions by the ways he followed.  Jehosophat figured out what made David successful and instilled it in his life.  He knew David was following after the way of the Lord.  We can follow them for a little while, but there comes a day and time when we need to make our own way for the Lord.  We need to make a way for others to follow.  David also had the right Word.  The Word of God was real to him.  Not reading the Word of God personally for ourselves will end us up in trouble.  The Devil hates the Word of God and he will do his best to get us to quit reading our Bible.  Don’t ever get away from the Word of God.  Lastly it was because he was a man of war.  Fear cam because God was in control.  They knew if they didn’t follow after God that God would judge them.  Happiness and joy is not what we perceive because we take things at face value.  Just because someone looks happy doesn’t mean they are.  Just because a Christian seems happy does not mean it is real.  He could be far away from God.  We need to be careful who we follow as a Christian.  Are you making right decisions in your life?

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