Sunday, November 20, 2016

We had a good day today in the Lord’s house.  We heard some really great messages today.  We had 14 kids to ride the bus this morning with no new ones.


This morning for Sunday school we continued our lesson from last week on Naomi leaving the place of blessing.  God doesn’t want us to be like the world even though we are to be in the world.  Elimilech and Naomi were in a spiritual state of famine in their life spiritually. As Christians we will become famished when we quit reading our Bible and praying.  We will be spiritually weak, and we will be no match for the devil when he comes to us with temptation.  When we stop reading our Bible and praying we become weaker and weaker until the point that we are spiritually dead and good for nothing.  But God does not want us to be in a famine.  He wants us to be spiritually blessed, and we will be spiritually blessed if we keep reading our Bible and praying.  We should not keep company with the world and we should not have the world as our best friends.  We should be friendly and have them as friends, but they should not be someone that we hang out with or spend a lot of time with or ask spiritual advice for.  When we hang around them we will become like them which is not what we are supposed to do.  We should not love the world or the things in this world because they will profit us nothing spiritually.


This morning Pastor preached out of Romans 1:15-21 on “The Perils of an Unthankful Life.”  America is where it is today because we did not glorify God when we should have and we were unthankful.  If we are unthankful we are ungrateful.  This lost work knows about God but they refuse to acknowledge Him.  They will ignore the truth of God – v. 18.  They know the truth but they ignore the truth.  We as Christians know what is right yet we continue in our wickedness.  We ignore the truths of God.  The world gets too religious and ignores God.  When we think we do not owe anybody anything we are in trouble.  They also ignored the revelation of God – vs. 19-20.  Unthankful people will ignore the revelation of God.  They ignored His revelation in His creation.  They think that a big bang took place and that is how the world began.  They believe they can control the world, but they cannot control it because God is the one that controls the world.  Thirdly they ignored the position of God – v. 21.  God is sitting on His throne and He will always be there.  God is in control of everything.  They ignored magnifying God in their life.  What anybody has this morning is because of God.  The worst place a person can be in is when they ignore the position of God.  The most miserable people on earth are those that are unthankful.  God is the one that gives us all the breath to breathe.  They also have a manufactured worship – vs. 21-23, 25.  Everyone will worship something or someone in their life.  The world’s worship is vain.  What we worship will tell where we are going when we die.  We worship what we want to, whatever it is that we love the most.  They worship themselves.  Lastly is when God quits trying to reveal Himself to you.  God let them do what they wanted to do.  Ignore God long enough and He will eventually give up on you.  Everybody God touched in the Bible was thankful.  Keep ignoring God, one day He will let you do whatever you want and He will let your mind get so seared with this world until it is totally consumed.  Ignore God and there will be consequences whether here on earth or in eternity.  One day God is going to say “Enough is enough.”  Are you unthankful?  Are you in a peril because of your unthankful spirit?


Tonight we had 3 different preachers to preach and they all preached about 25 minutes apiece.


Bro. Stephen Weaver preached first on “Having a Holy Purpose” out of Daniel 1:1-8.  He had a purpose to live for God no matter what.  These were men that had character and had no blemish.  They were Christian men who loved God.  They were raised right by their parents.  They were loved and respected by many people.  They were men that could stand before the king and they were called out by the king.  They took a stand against the world and their friends.  They made a choice to live for God.  It took disciple in their life to not defile themselves with the meat from the kinds table.  We have to discipline our lives so that we do not defile our self with the world and the things of this world.  We need to have enough discipline to say “No” to this world.  We need to discipline our self, our ears, our life and our thoughts.  Every one of us will be tempted but how will we deal with the temptation.  He was determined to live for God.  He made it unconditional.  We need to make a determination to live for God.  They were dedicated.  They didn’t just talk about it, or think about it, they lived it.  They were tested and we will be tested.  If we live for God it will pay off in the end and the King will notice it.  Even though we are tempted we need to determine in our heart that we are going to live for God.


Bro. Justin Epley preached next and he preached out of 2 Chronicles 7:14 on “Revival.”  A young person can very likely be the one to start a real revival in our church and in the churches in America.  Revival changes everyone it influences.  Revival can happen in our day.  When we get broken and we want God more than anything else, that is when God will send revival.  It is our fault as Christians the world is in the shape that it is in.  Our wicked ways have to be cleaned up if we want revival. There will be no revival if there is sin in our lives.  God will move when we get serious.  The remedy for having revival is getting serious and desiring God above all else.  We have to call on God.  We have time for everything else but we don’t have time for God or the things of God.  Jeremiah 29:13.  We have to search for Him and seek for Him with all of our heart if we want revival in our lives.  There are 4 things that Evan Roberts said about having revival in Welsh.  1) Confess all known sins.  When was the last time we confessed our sins to God?  2) Put away any doubtful habits. 3) Obey the Holy Spirit promptly.  4) Confess Christ publicly.  If we want revival these 4 things need to be prevalent in our lives.  We are not having revival because God is missing.  Isaiah 44:1-3.


Bro. Michael Sales preached next on “Our Liberty in Christ” out of Galatians 5:1.  This liberty is being abused in today’s society.  Christians use this liberty to do whatever they want to do.  The Apostle Paul is talking about sin when he uses the word bondage in this verse.  It is talking about the sin that we were in prior to salvation.  That sin controlled us and directed us.  We are back in bondage by our choice.  If we have a sin problem it’s because we are not walking in the Spirit.  We have been called unto liberty.  We should not use our liberty as an occasion to sin and the lust of the flesh.  It is hard to do something for our self when we are doing something for somebody else.  We are set at liberty, why do we put our self back in bondage again?  It is dangerous for us to be satisfied with our spiritual state.  When we are satisfied it means we have quit growing or we are going backwards.  We gain the wisdom and prudence of God in His liberty.  We also have free access to the fruit of the Spirit.  It is our choice who we are going to serve.

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