Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We had a great service tonight and afterwards we had our annual Thanksgiving Supper which consisted of a smorgasbord of food.  Bro. Stacey Shiflett and his family were with us tonight.  Bro. Shiflett preached for us and he and his family sang for us as well before the preaching began.


Bro. Shiflett preached out of Job 38:26 on “God’s Doing Stuff.”  God’s demand is seen in vs. 1-2.  Today we make demands on God, but that’s not going to go very far because we do not have the right to make demands of God.  God has every right to make demands on us though.  God was telling Job to gird up his loins, pull up your pants, because we are fixing to have a talk.  We also see God’s dominion in v. 28-33. God is in charge.  He was there when the heavens were made.  He is the One that makes it to rain, to snow, bring in the ice, and holds the seasons in His hands.  He controls the plants and the stars.  We also see God’s doing in v. 26.  God’s doing stuff where no man is to see it, report it, or talk about it.  We act like God’s not working if we cannot see it or hear it or report about it.  God’s doing stuff whether we see it or not.  He is working among the heathen – vs. 12-15.  He is shaking up the heathen whether we see it or not.  We feel overwhelmed by the wicked, but all around us God is shaking the wicked up and breaking their bones.  Job 34:21-26.  Have you ever felt like God doesn’t know what is going on?  We may feel that way, but God does see and He does know what is going on.  Man cannot hide from God no matter where he goes.  Everything man does is very visible to God.  God works behind the scenes a lot of times.   God is also working in hearts – v. 36.  We can’t put wisdom in people’s lives; God is the One that has to do it.  Deep on the inside of people God is doing a work.  God has to put the wisdom in people’s heart whether we see it or not, and we must believe it and trust God.  God is working in people’s heart whether we see it or not.  It’s not up to us to see if He is working or not, we just simply need to believe that He is.  God’s doing stuff and He doesn’t have to tell us about it.  When it comes to the ministry we cannot always see the working God is doing in the lives of others.  Lastly He is working in our home – vs. 39-41.  Our kids need something we cannot manufacture.  The young ones are crying out for something that Dad and Mom cannot give them, but God can.  God gives it to Dad and Mom to give it to our children.  God knows what they need and God will give it to them somehow and someway.  God really is doing stuff?  Do you believe it?  Whether you believe it or not, God is working and God is doing things.




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