Sunday, November 27, 2016

We had a great day today in the Lord’s house.  It is always amazing that God always gives us what we need when we need it.  The Lord allowed us to have 15 kids to ride the bus this morning.


This morning for Sunday school we continued our lesson in the book of Ruth on the commitment of Ruth.  Ruth was committed to go with Naomi to the land of Bethlehem-Judah.  No doubt Ruth missed her family and her friends, but she wanted God more than she wanted the world and all that the world has to offer.  Ruth’s name means “satisfied.”  Was she totally satisfied in the land of Moab? She was satisfied, but she was not totally satisfied as the world only brings about a certain amount of satisfaction.  She wanted something more, she wanted to be totally satisfied and she knew that she could find it in the land of Moab.  Because she wants satisfaction she was committed to following Naomi and God to the land of Moab.  She took her hands off her life and let God have control over her life.  Because of this the Lord was able to greatly bless her life with many blessings.  She totally committed her life to the Lord and allowed Him to lead her life all the way. She never once took her life back and put it in her hands.  She kept her life in His hands.


This morning Pastor preached out of Acts 7:51-60 on “Get Your Fingers Out of Your Ears.”  They only wanted to hear what they wanted to hear.  We have our fingers in our ears because we don’t want to hear what is wrong with us.  The message didn’t change even though their fingers were in their ears.  The Word of God is still the Word of God.  Stephen told them how they were like their fathers and kept doing the same things.  If we are not careful we will fall into our father’s steps and keep our ears plugged up.  God saved us so we would not be like our fathers because He wants us to be like Him.  The devil will do his best to revert us back to our fathers after salvation.  Every message is for us.  There is something in every message to help us and to change us.  Stephen reminded them of their father’s faults and he reminded them of where they were headed.  If we close our ears, our kids will close our ears to the message as well.  It didn’t change the messenger either.  He kept sending the message out.  If we are living for God, get ready for rocks because they will come sooner or later.  A saved person that stops their ears up will scream themselves into a life of agony.  A lost person that stops their ears will scream themselves in the lake of fire.  Stephen was faithful in his message.  We are stupid sometimes because God has a path for us to take yet we leave the path that God has for us.  It also didn’t change the Master.  The Master approved of the message of Stephen.  When we stand it means we approve of something.  Jesus was standing for Stephen because He approved of the message he was preaching.  Whether we approve the message or not from the man of God, it doesn’t change the Master.  The Master approved of Stephen, he was shouting for Stephen as he preached his last message.  They didn’t want to hear what Stephen saw.  Lastly it didn’t change the mark.  It hit the mark in Saul’s life, who later became the Apostle Paul.  We can stop our ears but the message will still reach the intended mark.  Whether we believe it or not, the message will reach it’s mark.  We can hear God if we want.  All we have to do is take our fingers out of our ears.  If we close our ears in the small things, it will be easy to close our ears in the bigger things.

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