Sunday, December 04, 2016

What a really good day we had today in the Lord’s house.  Today we had Bro. Wayne Henderson with us for all of our Sunday services.  What a blessing it was to have him with us today.  The Lord allowed us to have 16 kids to ride the bus this morning and we had 1 first time rider this morning.


This morning for Sunday school Bro. Henderson taught to all the classes except the beginners and the nursery.  He told some stories this morning of his growing up and his childhood.  He told the story of how he raised 4 baby squirrels and later on their cat got the squirrels.  The last squirrel the cat got he chewed off his legs and played with the squirrel.  Bro. Henderson had to kill the little squirrel because there was nothing that he could do for the squirrel.  The devil is just like that cat.  He walks around seeking whom he may devour.  He will take us and cripple us to where we are good for nothing.  We must not let the devil get us.  We need to stay in the cage, the boundaries, that God has placed in our lives.  When we get out of the cage, that boundary, we are in trouble.  The devil wants nothing more than to kill us and destroy us.  Stay in the cage and don’t let the devil get you.


This morning for the Sunday morning service Bro. Henderson preached for us out of Hebrews 10:32 and Isaiah 21:11-12 on “When the Light Comes On.”  When we get saved we are illuminated, then after a little while the darkness comes and there comes a storm.  We see the light of the mind.  When we get the education then we are tested.  After we get saved, the trials come.  We think we are alone, but we are not alone in our trials.  God is right there beside us each step of the way.  Don’t gripe, and don’t blame God for the things that happen in life.  We also see the light of the heart which is love.  Lust gets and love gives.  Lust is the counterfeit for love.  After marriage the light will eventually go out, and we’ll have to make our marriage work even when we don’t want to.  When love comes, a storm will come behind it.  Thirdly we see the light of the will.  We need to make up our minds that we are going to live for God.  When we try to live for God the devil will come up and remind us of our past.  But we don’t need to let that stop us because God has forgotten our past if we have asked Him for forgiveness.  We also see the light of the conscience.  This is when we grow cold on God and we don’t list to the Word of God.  Our conscience will wake up after we have blundered around and messed up.  We will wonder if there is any grace or hope left for us.  Is there any hope for us?  Yes there is hope and grace for us.  One day we will wake up and we will say what in the world did we do?  When we say that, our conscience has been woken up to our state of being.  Lastly we see the light of hope.  There is hope as long as there is God and since God will always be around, that means there will always be hope.  He will never fail us nor leave us.  His hand of hope a lot of times keeps us from going farther then we went.  Is the light on in your life?  If you are in a dark time, don’t worry.  Storms do not last forever and God is right beside you.


Tonight Bro. Henderson preached on “Go Back Again” out of 1 Kinds 18:43.  When we go through dry times in our spiritual life we need to go back again.  Go back to the source of water and strength for our spiritual life.  Go back to God and keep going back until the dry time becomes a rainy time of God’s blessing and presence in our lives.  We don’t need to give up.  We need to keep going back.  We need to keep praying even when we don’t think God is hearing us.  Keep praying for that lost sinner or a wayward family member.  Don’t give up praying for them.  Go try again, and again, and again.  Keep loving your family members.  If we are in a cold relationship, we need to keep after it until it becomes warm again.  If we get cold on God we need to go look again.  Go read the Bible again, and go pray again.  Keep going back to God until we are on fire again for God, and once we get on fire for God, don’t get away from the fire.  Stay near the fire.  Go look for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Do not ever give up.  Keep going back.  NEVER GIVE UP!