Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What a tremendous message we heard tonight.  We had a few visitors tonight in our service and we are thankful for the visitors that we had tonight.  We are glad they could join us and be a part of our service tonight.


Tonight Pastor preached out of 1 John 5:1-13 on “A Know So Salvation.”  Eternal life is what we are given when we get saved.  Salvation is based on what He did, not on what we did.  To know if you’re saved or not, is it based on others?  No, it is not based on others who have gotten saved.  Just because someone gets saved that’s been in the church and is highly esteemed doesn’t mean that you are not saved.  How God deals with a person will be different, but we are all saved the same way.  You cannot lose your salvation.  You as saved person can sin, but that does not give us the right to sin.  If you are saved and living in sin you’ll be a miserable person.  If you are not miserable and living in sin, then you cannot be saved.  If you could lose your salvation then Abraham, Moses, David, Samson, Lot, and Peter (just to name a few) would have lost their salvation and ended in hell.  But you cannot lose your salvation.  If you detour away from God, God will deal with you.  Is faith an experience or a fact?  If you doubt your salvation, are you lost? No, you are not lost.  Can you doubt your salvation?  Yes you can doubt your salvation.  In Matthew 11:1-3 we see John the Baptist and how he doubted who God was.  The devil can weasel himself into your mind and get you to doubt.  In John 20:25-31 we see Thomas doubted.  An absence from the presence of God makes an absence from the knowledge of God.  The devil will try to get you to doubt who God is.  In 2 Peter 1:5-10 you see that a lack of adding to your life will cause you to doubt.  Doubt comes from a lack of studying the Word of God, a lack in prayer, and a lack of working.  When you get saved, you’ll get busy.  If you’re saved there should be some fruit in your life.  If you get away from the Word of God you will fall.  You are not too big that you cannot fall, and you are not too old that you cannot fall, and you are not too young that you cannot fall.  You will fall into sin because you ignore the Word of God.  Doubt does not mean you are lost, it means there is something wrong on the inside.  You need to change your diet.  There is something wrong with you.  What is salvation? John 3:17, 10:9; Romans 5:10, 6:23, 10:9; John 5:24; John 10:28-29.  If you start slipping a little bit, the devil will put his arms around you and tell you how sorry you are.  When you start slipping you better get into the Word of God and pray.  If you don’t, all the demons of hell will come after you.  You also should get others to pray for you as well.  The devil wants to make you fall.  The facts of salvation are in the Word of God.  Are you saved?  Do you know for sure where you would spend eternity?  On a scale of 1-10 how saved are you?  If it is anything less that 10 you need to check up on your salvation.