Sunday, December 18, 2016

We had a really great day today in the Lord’s house.  The Lord allowed us to have 21 kids to ride the bus this morning.


This morning for Sunday school we continued our lesson in the book of Ruth in chapter 2 and we looked at how Ruth found grace in the eyes of Boaz.  Boaz noticed Ruth in the field more than likely because she was a hard worker and she was dressed differently.  Ruth was from Moab and was considered an outcast among the Jews.  Even though Ruth was an outcast Boaz showed her grace.  Grace is giving someone something that they don’t deserve or worked for.  Ruth did not work for the grace Boaz bestowed upon her neither did she deserve the grace that was showed her.  Boaz let her eat at his table and also let her glean among the sheaves and also his workers were told to put handfuls on purpose out for her to glean.  God showed mankind grace by sending His Son to be born of a virgin and to die for the sins of man.  He saved us and gave us heaven, something we do not deserve.  We deserve a devil’s hell, but because God loves man He gave us grace and sent His Son to die for our sins.  Even after salvation God still gives us handfuls of purpose and shows us grace each and every day of our lives.  There is so much we deserve even after salvation yet God still shows grace to us.  What an awesome God we serve.


This morning Pastor preached out of John 4:6-29 on “The Reasoning of a Wretched Woman.”  She had a political problem.  She couldn’t understand why He was talking to her. Jesus being a Jew and she being a Samaritan, she could not understand why.  She had a heavy burden on her about her being a Samaritan.  She was an off scouring to people  She also had a perception problem.  The world has a perception problem.  They wonder why we go to church all the time.  They can’t understand how the church works, operates, and finances a printing ministry.  A lost person cannot figure out God.  Thirdly she had a painful problem.  She knew of all the heartaches she had with all the husbands she had.  She didn’t realize why the five husbands she had all messed up.  She was trying to reason God out of a painful life.  The world Is full of pain.  She had painful family problems.  Also she had a praising problem.  She would have been in a church on a Saturday morning, but she didn’t know who she was praising.  She had the wrong idea of who God is.  They think they know who God is, but they really have no idea who God is.  Lastly she had a pending problem.  She was waiting on the Messiah to come that would tell them everything.  Her problem was resolved when Jesus said “I that speak unto them am he.”  You will never figure out God.  She was confused before she got saved.  She finally came to the place where Jesus was the answer to her problems.  You’ll never figure Him out so give up.

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