Wednesday, December 28, 2016

We had a good service tonight in the Lord’s house.  Well, this is our last post for this year.  We pray that you will continue to read our posts and we will continue to update and blog our Pastor’s sermons as well.  May God bless.


Pastor preached on “Wasted Lessons” out of Hebrews 2:5-11.  As parents chasten their children in different ways, God chastens His children in different ways.  Lessons are wasted when they are missed lessons.  If we get bitter and despise the chastening of the Lord, we have missed the lesson.  It is possible to despise the chastening of the Lord.  We don’t need to despise it because He is trying to make us better.  God chastens us to keep us from getting worse.  Lessons are missed by fainting, by just falling out or quitting.  People are not in church tonight because they were chastened of the Lord, and they fainted.  When we faint from chastening we are missing the lesson.  A lesson is also wasted when the lesson is misunderstood.  It’s misunderstood when we don’t understand why God is chastening us.  The chastisement of the Lord is awful and awesome at the same time.  God cares about us that is why He chastens us.  We misunderstand that God is trying to get us somewhere spiritually.  The lesson is also wasted when the lessons are misguided.  When God chastens us, He is trying to guide us.  Chastisement is so we will reverence God.  The chastening is to develop us to the place where we can trust God.  We can trust Him and not question His chastisement and we can also reverence Him.  God is trying to make us more holy through the chastisement.  He is trying to make us like Him.  He’s trying to knock the devil out of us.  We need to accept His chastening, because it will make us so much better as a Christian.  The chastisement of God is not to hurt us, and we don’t need to waste the lesson that God gives us.  What are you doing with the chastisement of God?  How do you react when God chastens you?

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