Sunday, January 01, 2017



We had a good day in the Lord’s house today.  What a great way to start the year off by being in the house of the Lord on the first day of the year.  Another year has come and gone, what are you going to accomplish this year for the Lord?  We had 11 kids to ride the bus this morning.


This morning for Sunday school we went back to our study in the book of Ruth and we looked at Ruth chapter 3 and how Ruth was a virtuous woman.  Ruth had only been in the city of Bethlehem-Judea about 4 months and she already had a reputation about her, and that reputation was that she was a woman that was virtuous.  Being someone that has virtue about them does not happen overnight, it takes time.  Someone that is virtuous is not virtuous just because of their looks whether they are handsome or pretty.  Being virtuous comes from the inside, because it is what you do that makes you virtuous.  Being virtuous is not just for girls (ladies), but it is also for boys (men).  Both girls and boys need to be virtuous in their life.  Are you virtuous?  Could you go and live in another state and within a few months would you have the reputation of being a virtuous person?


This morning Pastor preached out of 1 Corinthians 3:1-15 on “You Still Have Time.”  The people in 1 Corinthians are saved but they are not growing in the Lord.  They are not growing because they have envying, strife, and divisions among them.  God feeds us even when we are carnal and we are not where we should be at spiritually.  We don’t have to stay carnal, we can get out of our carnality, but we have to desire to get out.  We still have time because there is work to do.  There is a work that needs to be done.  Our disabilities do not give us an excuse for not doing anything.  Just because we are car.nal does not give us an excuse for sitting on our rump and not doing anything?  We may not be where God wants us to be, but we need to make up our mind to move a little bit at a time to get to where God wants us to be.  Move a little bit at a time to where we are not at the same place we are now at the end of this year.  Our excuses for not working will one day be burned up and we will have nothing to offer God.  We say our God is not big enough for us to do our work.  We limit God’s power by saying we cannot do the work.  There is nothing too big or too hard for God.  We don’t have to do the joy, but one day time will run out on us.  Then we will regret not doing anything for God.  We still have time because we are still being worked on.  The word husbandry means “to cultivate.”  We are being worked on continually by the Lord.  God is teaching us, He is molding us.  God loves us and really wants us to do right.  We are God’s building.  He is still working on us and is trying to make us a better Christian, even when we don’t deserve it.  We are God’s house that He wants to design, and we need to let Him design our house.  The greatest day in our life is going to be when we take our hands off our house and let God build it and change it and design it the way He wants to.  We still have time and we better build right.  We cannot build a Christian life if you do not have Christ in our life.  We will not have the right house if we do not have the right foundation.  The words heed in verse ten means “to look at with our eyes.”  We have to stop and look at our house, our life.  Take a step back and look at our life spiritually.  Are we building the way God wants us to build, or are we building our own house?  If we don’t fix our problem now, later in life we will regret it.  How are we building?  After what manner are you building?  Are we building as Christ would have us build?  God has given us everything we need to build our house just right, so if it’s not built right, it is not God’s fault.  We are still alive, so we will have time!!