Sunday, January 08, 2017

We had a really great day in the Lord’s house today.  We had 12 kids to ride the bus this morning and then we had 3 in tonight’s service.


This morning for Sunday school we continued our lesson in Ruth and we looked at Boaz being Ruth’s Kinsman-Redeemer and how Jesus in our Redeemer.  Boaz became Ruth’s kinsman-redeemer when his brother would not fulfill the part of kinsman-redeemer in purchasing everything that was Elimelech’s and also purchasing Ruth to be his wife.  He did not want to mar his inheritance marrying Ruth.  Boaz bought everything of Elimelech and also purchased Ruth to be his wife.  He became Ruth’s kinsman-redeemer that day.  Jesus was our Redeemer when He died on the cross.  He died on the cross to pay out sin debt because we cannot pay for it and we cannot work for it and we cannot do enough good deeds to get into heaven.  Our sin debt had to be paid with the shedding of blood.  Jesus freely died on the cross to pay our sin debt and redeemed us from our sin and from hell.  He paid the price whether we accept His gift of salvation or not.  It’s a free gift, all we have to do is accept the gift, but we must humble ourselves at the feet of Jesus and ask Him to save us and come into our hearts.  Is Jesus your Redeemer?  Have you ever accepted Jesus into your heart?


This morning Pastor preached out of Ezekiel 33:23-33 on “Living in a Fantasy World.”  When we continue in our sins and have the blessing of God on our life, we are living in a fantasy world because God is not going to bless our life if we are living in sin.  They relied on their own strength.  If we are living in sin, God is not going to bless us.  What they value is worthless when living in a fantasy world.  The land they valued so much will be desolate.   The land yielded no fruit even though they tilled it; they plowed it, and planted in it.  They will not prosper in the land that they are in.  If we are living in sin, we can plow the field, but it will remain desolate.  What they say is worthless as well.  One side of their mouth spoke of love, and the other spoke of their covetousness.  Behind the wall they talk about the preacher, and the other side they act like everyone else in the church.  They say two different things.  Their words meant nothing.  Do the people in our family value our words, or do we speak out of both sides of our mouth.  What they do is worthless as well.  Preacher can preach against their sin, but they are going to do what they want to do anyway.  If we are going to do all the things we do in a church, why don’t we just fall in love with God too.  If we are busy in the church we should just love God as well, and not do what we do for a show.  We should get active in the church and let our lives affect others.   Lastly, what they reap will be worthless.  One day we will get up in age, and we will turn around and look at our life and we will look at what we reaped and we will wish we would have listened to the man of God.  We come to church and church means nothing to us.  We come to church Sunday morning and that is enough for us.  One day we will regret not listening to the man of God.  One day it will be too late.  Forgiveness does not cure the mind.  We can ask God for forgiveness but we will not forget what we have done.  Are you living in a fantasy world this morning?


Tonight Pastor preached on “The Testimony of a Great Family” out of Genesis 18:19.  Was Abraham perfect?  No, but he desired to do God’s will for his life without the help of a Bible and the Holy Spirit living inside of him.  The testimony of a great family is known by experience.  The words I know him means to know by experience.  The best testimony to have is for others to know what we will do in certain situations.  God knew Abraham would command his children and his household after him.  Abraham was the leader in his home.  Everything Abraham did was centered on God.  God knew he would run his home like God would have him too.  Does God know what we will do?   The second testimony is that they shall keep the way of the Lord.  The words to keep the way of the Lord means to guard.  Could it be that Abraham trusted God so much that God knew that his trust would cause his family to fall in love with God?  Abraham created a trust that went to his wife and then to his children.  The best testimony for a family is for the whole family to guard the way of the Lord.   It also means to protect it and treasure it.  How many times do we forget the treasure of a church?    Another testimony is the actions of a godly family.  They will do justice and judgment.  Not only will daddy do right, but the whole family will do aright and live righteous.  If we stand with our family in righteousness, it will be hard to bring our family down.  Take a stand for God and we will be made fun of, but in the end it will be worth it all.  Yes at times taking a stand in hard, but God is always there with us.  We need to stand for what is right so our kids will stand for right.  Lastly we see the blessings of God.  The blessings of God were bestowed upon Abraham because of what he had been doing.  We all want the blessings of God, but we have to go back to the first part of the verse to get the blessings of God.  It takes the first part to reap the end part of that verse.  What kind of testimony does your family have?