Sunday, January 15, 2017

We had a great day today in the Lord’s house.  We had 10 kids to ride the bus this morning and they were all seasoned riders.  We are thankful for their faithfulness in coming each week.


This morning we finished our study in the book of Ruth and we looked at how Ruth was rewarded.  Ruth was rewarded by Boaz and she was also rewarded by God.  God blessed her and rewarded her because first off she was saved and then because she was obedient to those around her and she was willing to work.  She didn’t gloat about how hard she worked or who she was, she just did what she was told and was willing to work.  As Christians we are rewarded now but sometimes we will be rewarded when we get to heaven.  God wants us to be servants, but He doesn’t want us to do it as a show.  He wants us to do it secretly and then God will reward us in secret.  God wants us to do what we do for Him and not for man.  If we do what we do for man, we will have our reward here, but if we do it for God, the reward will be much greater.  Do you do what you do to be seen of men, or do you do what you do for God?  Why do you do what you do?


This morning Pastor preached out of Luke 23:37-45 on “Went to Hell Only Feet from Jesus.”  This man died being feet from the door of heaven.  He chose to go to hell.  We choose if we are going to heaven or hell.  The wicked live like they need no help.  Bitterness can keep a person from getting saved, and this man was bitter.  He did not need help and he landed in hell.  He did not and could not realize he was a sinner.  We cannot do badly enough for God to not save us.  God could have easily said “them” instead of “him.”  Because of this man’s bitterness he went to hell.  He knew about Jesus but because of his rebellion, hatred, and bitterness towards God he could not recognize he needed help and that he needed a Savior.  He doubted Jesus’ power.  He said “if.”  He denied the power of God.  If we deny the power of God we will end up in hell because of our disbelief.  We have to believe that He is the Christ, and that He has all power in heaven and earth.  No one can get saved until they realize that God is in control of everything.  We have to realize that He is everything and that He is all powerful.  All doubt has to be pushed aside.  We can be as religious as Judas and still go to hell.  He was close enough and he didn’t have to go to hell.  He could not admit he needed help.  He would not admit that he needed help.  It is hard to admit we are wrong and that is the reason people cannot get saved.  We are all natural born sinners.  We all need help; we all need to be saved.  He denied he ever had a problem.  Lastly there is one that opened the door.  Dead men do not have kingdoms, but Jesus is God and He has a kingdom because He is not dead.  He met the Lord a few short hours from hell.  He opened the door to heaven.


Tonight Pastor preached on “There is but a Step” out of 1 Samuel 20:1-3.  Jonathan could not see it, but David could.  He knew that one wrong step and he knew he would be dead.  We first must recognize who our enemy is.  Our enemy is what will cause us to take the wrong step.  We all have an enemy, and we all have a weakness in our lives.  The greatest enemy is the devil, but we all have that one enemy that can take us down.  What is our enemy tonight?  Is it Rock-n-Roll music, country music, pornography (if we are not careful the small things will draw us deeper into sin.  We need to stay away from the magazine rack in the stores), our friends (what they say and what they do), our neighbors kids (they can influence us to do wrong), and/or rebellion.  We all have an enemy and we all have a problem.  Once we recognize the problem, we will know how to deal with it.  We better figure out a way to stop our enemy before it is too late.  Secondly we need to stay out of the land.  If a store plays music that we have a problem with, we should stay away from that store or restaurant.  The mall is a place we should stay away from and not make frequent visits to.  If we want to keep from dying, we have to stay away from the edge.  We have to stay away from the places, things, or people that can cause us to make the wrong step.  Lastly we need to engage in another battle.  David kept going, he didn’t quit.  David did not quit because Saul hated him.  He started to gather an army together and he kept fighting.  We need to be a fighter and we need to train our children to fight.  If we are going to win, we have to be the best.  We need to stay prepared to fight so when a fight comes we are ready.  David NEVER quit and we should NEVER quit.  If we are struggling, keep practicing, and keep fighting.  We did not fail this week because God is praying for us.  He is still doing His job.  We CANNOT QUIT!

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