Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tonight Pastor preached out of Psalm 71:17 on “Will you Have a Story to Tell?”  The evident.  The simple feat is that we are going to get old.  How are we planning on telling our story?  Are we going to say how we knew things but we still messed things up?  Our grey hair means wisdom.  It means we went down a road someone has not been down and we are trying to warn them not to go that way because we have been down that road and we don’t want them to go that way when they don’t have to.  Age goes by quickly.  When we are speaking of something that we have done in our life we realize how many years have passed by.  The enlightenment.  Most people live like there is tomorrow.  How we live now will determine if it will be a blessing or a curse to us.  The enlightenment is there is one God.  If we are not careful that relationship between us and God may dwindle.  The elders in the church have a story to tell to the young ones in the church.  We cannot have a testimony if we don’t have a testimony.  There are some people in the Bible like Noah who had a testimony but when he got old he became a drunk.  He did great things for the Lord but when he got old he forsook the Lord and that was the end of his story.  The evidence.  What David was saying was Lord forsake me not until I can show the next generation your strength.  Davis was asking God to help him not to give up or quit.  We can make it.  David may have had one of the greatest sins in the Bible, but he also had the greatest confession – Psalm 51.  What story are we going to tell the children in the church?  Will we tell them we have seen God’s hand in our life and God’s strength?  There is no financial bind with the Lord.  Remember the woman who kept on going back to the barrel when she thought there was only enough for one more meal?  God kept filling the barrel.  We all should have a story of the power of God in our life how He guides our footsteps and how we can live a life for God.  You don’t want your story to be that you only ran half the race and quit.


Tonight since I was not there I got Sis. Brenda to take the notes for the service.  What you just read is her notes from tonight’s message.  Thank you Sis. Brenda.

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