Sunday, January 22, 2017

What a blessing it was today to go to the Lord’s house.  We had 14 kids to ride the bus this morning.


This morning for Sunday school we started our lesson in the book of Esther.  We looked at chapter 1 and King Ahaseurus.  We looked at how he had made a feast for 7 days and all the men of the town were given as much wine to drink as they wanted to drink.  The men in the feast were drunk with wine.  In the Bible there are two different types of wine, fermented wine and wine of the vine (grape juice).  King Ahaseurus was wrong in getting drunk with wine because the wine he used was fermented.  Alcoholic beverages are wrong for Christians to drink.  We should stay away from it and not give the devil a chance to tempt us with it.  It only takes one sip and we will be addicted to it.  The devil will make sure of that because he wants to destroy our testimony and our lives as much as possible.  Don’t get mixed in with alcoholic drinks.  Stay away from them.


This morning Pastor preached out of John 13:21-31 on “Are you acting like Judas?”  Judas had to get up every morning and dress like a Christian and act like a Christian.  His life was a facade.  Is your life a facade this morning?  What is on the inside of your life this morning?  Is it empty or is it filled with Christ?  Judas didn’t know what it was like to be a real Christian – Luke 6:16.  He never had a life change.  He had the testimony of being a traitor.  His life was as empty as a drum.  If you don’t have Jesus Christ in your heart, then going to church is just a waste of time for you.  He never let the things of God spend time with him, even though he spent time around the things of God.  Judas was never rebuked by Jesus because he never was Jesus’.  Judas also didn’t know what it was like to have real fellowship.  If you have a friendship with the world and spend more time with those in the world, you are not saved.  You cannot fellowship more with the world than you do the people of God.  There is nothing any better than being in fellowship with God.  He never knew the fellowship of God.  Judas didn’t realize the value of worship – John 12:1-8.  He never knew what it was like to have all odds against him and realize it was God that kept him.  She worshipped because all she had was because of Him.  Judas criticized the worship of others.  She had her focus on God, while Judas had his focus on himself.  Lastly, Judas didn’t realize the value of eternal life – Luke 22:47-48 and Acts 1:15-18, 25.  He walked up to Jesus Christ and kissed Him and betrayed the Son of God.  He was part of the ministry and he was numbered among the disciples, yet he never was one of them.  He put on a good act, but he never fooled Jesus.  Are you acting like Judas this morning?  Have you ever been saved?


This evening Pastor preached on “Dealing with the Burns of a Tongue” out of James 3:5-6.  Dealing with someone’s mouth is not an easy thing to deal with as a Christian.  The world has their way of dealing with someone’s mouth, and we as Christians have our way as well, which should be totally different than the world’s way.  Firstly, we must deal with the truth of the burns.  Honesty is the key.  Are we guilty of the words that are said?  We need to be honest with ourselves.  Our first reaction is to resist it, but the best thing we can do is get by our self and ask our self if we are guilty.  It will help us grow and become stronger.  Secondly we see the torture of the burns.  Burns are never easily forgotten.  Burns leave a scar and we will remember how we got them for years to come.  We see it all the time.  We are burned, the fire is gone, but the pain is still there.  Thirdly, there is the tenderness of the burn.  The skin is tender and the top piece comes off.  If we are not careful it can become infected.  The burns we receive from someone else’s mouth needs to be protected and taken care of so that is doesn’t become infected with bitterness.  When we get burned the skin becomes thin and it doesn’t take much to upset the skin again.  The same thing holds true when we are burned with words.  We have to be careful so that the wound does not open up again.  Lastly we see how to triumph over the burns – Proverbs 26:20.  Words are a fire, but we need to deny the fuel to the fire.  We don’t need to put any wood there for the fire to burn.  If we have to give an answer to someone, let it be a Biblical answer.  People will burn us intentionally sometimes so that we can feel like them.  If there is no wood, eventually the fire will go out.  Ephesians 6:16 – Above all else we need to take the shield of faith because it is not if, it is when will we get burned.  We need to be ready.  Proverbs 25:18 – We will get bruised and cut sometimes by the words of others, and sometimes the words are meant to go in deep.  Psalm 52:2 and Psalm 64:2-3.  To treat a burn we must first flush the burn with cool water until help arrives.  We need to saturate the burns we get with the Word of God.  Secondly we should call 911.  We should get on our knees and pray about the burn.  Dealing with the tongue may take a lot of prayer, don’t expect complete healing with one prayer.  Lastly, take an Ibuprofen.  Ibuprofen reduces the hormones that cause inflammation and pain.  Learn verses to keep in your mind for when we are burned by the words of others.

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