Sunday, January 29, 2017

We had a very good day in the Lord’s house today.  We had 19 kids to ride the bus this morning with 1 of them being a first time rider.  We look forward to the kids coming each week, and we are truly blessed of God to be able to have a bus ministry.  Every kid is a blessing to have each week.


This morning for Sunday school we looked at Queen Vashti and how she said no to King Ahasuerus.  King Ahasuerus was drunk with wine and asked for Queen Vashti to appear in front of all the people and the princes to show off her beauty.  Queen Vashti refused to appear before King Ahasuerus, and show off her beauty.  Her refusal was right because the king had no right to ask the queen to do what he asked of her to do.  She refused to sin even though it cost her being the queen.  The Bible says in Proverbs 1:10 “My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.”  The words entice means to lure as in fishing.  The devil is out to entice us into sin.  He has bait that he uses and does his very best to get us to fall into sin.  He knows our weaknesses and he knows what we are tempted to do wrong and he uses that against us.  It is up to us to make up our mind to not allow the devil to entice us to do wrong.  We have got to learn to say no to the devil and his lures that he uses to entice us to do wrong.


This morning Pastor preached out of Luke 15:11-20 on “What He Left.”  The words “give me” were his point of departure.  He was out before he ever left home.  What we have is God’s, it doesn’t belong to us.  He left his father.  He cut off all communication with his father.  He may have even cut off all communication before he left.  Communication is important between us and God.  We do not need to cut off the communication that we have with our Heavenly Father.  He cut his fellowship off with his father.  When he had a need, it was all cut off; he could no longer rely upon his father to meet his need.  Before he left he could ask his father for anything and his father would have given it to him, but after he left he could not.  He lost his funds as well.  He wasted his money, he could not get it back, and he just threw it away.  If we sleep with someone before we get married, we will lose our virginity and we will not be able to get it back.  Anything we do without God is wasted.  He wasted his life.  We do not have to keep wasting our life.  We can come back to our Father.  We cannot get it back what we lost, but we can get back.  He also lost his friends.  His friends left him when his ran out of money.  The same truth holds today, if we run out of money our worldly friends will desert us.  Worldly friends do not really love us.  Our friends in the church are the best friends that we can have.  He finally ran into a famine.  God sent a mighty famine, and he began to be in want.  His wants had changed and he wanted what he used to have back at the farm.  We can be saved and be in want because we are living in a famine spiritually and nobody knows it.  In the world there are no leftovers, but with God there are leftovers.  We have more than enough to meet our needs.  If we are in a famine, we do not need to buck the famine, but we need to look for a place to go back home.  Lastly it left him where he could think.  He came to himself and started talking to himself.  He realized the world had nothing to offer him.  God still loves us even when we have done wrong.  God wants us to return and he will welcome us with open arms.  We need to come to our senses before we get to the far country, we would be a lot better off.  If we leave and make it to the far county we will come back empty if we make it back at all.  Where is your life at this morning?  Are you out, or are you on your way out?


Tonight Pastor preached on “Extra Mile Christians” out of Matthew 5:38-48.  The one that went the extra mile went further than they were supposed to go.  Tonight we are in a deficit in extra mile Christians.  We need to be extra mile Christians in our forgiveness.  The extra mile here is for our righteousness’ sake.  We should not fight back and act like the person that hurt us.  An extra mile Christian will not fight like the world.  Extra mile forgiveness is found in Matthew 18:21-22.  If someone slaps us on the cheek it’s going to hurt for a little while, but if we forgive the sting will eventually go away.  We should also be extra mile Christians in our giving.  We should give to those that are in need.  We ought to be a giver and help others.  Give to those that don’t give back.  If others ask of us, give expecting nothing in return.  We do not need to close up our bowels of compassion toward others.  We give to people that does not care a lot of times, but that should not stop us from giving.  Lastly we should be extra miles Christians in our love.  One of the hardest verses to learn, not memorize, but learn is verses 43-44.  Our love ought to be God’s love.  We should not love sin, but we should still love the sinner.  1 John 4:10 – We did not love God first; He loved us first when we were not loveable.  Verse 44 gives us answer on how to fix our love.  1) Bless them that curse you.  2) Do good to them that hate you.  3) Pray for them that despitefully use you or persecute you.  Our love cannot be enacted unless we have a close relationship with God.  There has to be a changed mind in how we think.  God wants to make us better by things getting worse.  If we have someone that hates us we should do good to them.  That is easier said than done, but if we want to be an extra mile Christian, we will do it.  A person that hates us will try to destroy us.  We are hated for what we believe in and stand for.  If we do good to the one that hates us we will have them scratching their head.  It is easier to do good to someone that to pray for them because we cannot lie to God.  We would be a lot more affective if we would go that second mile.  Are you an extra mile Christian?  If not, make some changes so you can be.

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