Sunday, February 19, 2017

What a tremendous day we had today in the Lord’s house.  It’s so good to go to the house of God and get the help you need.  This morning we had 22 kids to ride our bus with only one of them being a first time rider.  We are thankful for all the kids that keep coming faithfully each week.  They are a joy to have and we look forward to them coming each Sunday.


This morning for Sunday school we continued our lesson in the book of Esther and we looked at how Esther was chosen as Queen to replace Vashti.  Esther was raised by her cousin Mordecai who raised her from her youth because her mother and father died.  Mordecai raised Esther as if she was his own daughter.  Mordecai led her in the things of God and taught her the ways of God.  Mordecai told Esther to present herself with the virgins before the King.  Esther did as she was told and she allowed God to use her life.  God’s calling and plan for Esther’s life was for her to be the Queen.  Esther allowed herself to be put into God’s hands and be used of Him in whatever way He saw fit.  Every person that is saved is called of God to do something for Him.  We all have a calling, and God will let us know what the calling is.  It is up to us to answer that calling though.  Are we willing to let God take us up in His hands and use us in whatever way He wants to?  The verse says many are called but few are chosen (paraphrasing here).  God has called all of us, but only few are chosen but only a few are allowing God to pick us up and use us in the calling that God has for our lives.  Will you let God use you for His service and for His honor and glory?  Be like Esther and let God use your life.  If you don’t, you’ll get to the end of your life and you are going to say “what if?”  Don’t let your life end with a “what if,” let it end with “I did.”


This morning Pastor preached out of 2 Timothy 1:11-12 on “He is Able.”  God is mighty in wealth and influence.  He has the power to do whatever He wants to do.  God is able to deliver us from suffering – vs. 1.  God is stronger than our suffering.  We may suffer mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, over past sin, or over hidden sin.  Our suffering is nothing to God though.  The world is looking for someone to have confidence in God, confidence that He will deliver us in our time of suffering.  God is able to help us and take care of our suffering.  In our time of suffering we need to keep our vision and focus on Him because usually when suffering comes we get our focus and our vision off of the Lord.  God is also able to succor us when we are tempted – Heb. 2:18.  God has been tempted like us, and will aid us.  An aid is someone who has something that we do not have that can help us.  Wherever we are at, god will help us.  There is nothing we need that He doesn’t have.  What we are going through is nothing to Jesus.  He can and will take care of us.  God is also able to save the worst – Heb. 7:25.  No person is so bad that god cannot save them.  No sin is too bad for God.  God loves the vilest person, and He will save them if they will repent of their sins and turn to Him in salvation.  God reaches to the lowest pit and will pull us out.  There is NOTHING God cannot do.  Lastly God will subdue our flesh one day forever – Phil. 3:20-21.  One day our flesh will be subdued.  One day we will not have to fight our flesh any more, we won’t have to crucify the flesh any longer.  All our temptations will one day be gone.  We won’t have to worry about our thinking any longer.  Our suffering will one day be over.  God IS able to help you wherever you are at in your life right now.


Tonight Pastor preached on “Changing Your Family Tree” out of 2 Kings 16:17-18; 18:1-7.  If we are going to rebel, we need to rebel against the devil.  Hezekiah saw the flaws of his father and wanted to change.  To change our family tree we have to have the right heroes – vs. 3.  We should have heroes but we do not need to set them up so much that if he falls we fall too.  We will get into trouble if we pattern our life wholly on a man or some men of God.  David and Moses were Hezekiah’s heroes.  They were his heroes but he did not allow himself to be hindered or stopped because of their downfall and their sin.  If we are going to serve God, we cannot do it when we are old; we need to do it when we are young.  Where will the young people be at spiritually when they turn 25?  Hezekiah saw wrong so wrong that he wanted to change his family tree.  He rebelled against what his dad loved.  We need to get heroes that are successful, that love God, and that live for God.  Also we must have the right hatred.  Hezekiah had a hatred for images.  We need to have a hatred for things that may cause people to stumble.  He hated stumbling blocks.  What is a stumbling block in our own lives personally?  We need to have some hatred about us towards evil and those things that are stumbling blocks in our lives.  We need to get the stumbling blocks out of our lives.  When we see the flaws in someone, fix it in our own life, don’t hurt them over it.  To change the family tree we must also have the right hold – vs. 6.  The word “clave” means to cling, stay lose to.  God blessed Hezekiah because he cleaved unto the Lord.  He wanted to find the Lord.  We should put down our idols and desire the Lord in our own lives personally.  We should desire to cleave to the Lord, to draw closer to Him.  Lastly we have to have the right honor – vs. 7.  Hezekiah was more interested in his relationship with God than serving the Assyrians.  He wanted to get God where He needed to be in his life and in the kingdom.  If we honor God, He will take care of us.  Fall in love with God and there is no telling what God will do.  Honor God with your life.  Honor God in everything.  Honor God with your substance.  How does your family tree look?  Is it time to change the family tree and get your family closer to God and to be more like what God would desire your family to be like?

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