Tuesday, February 28, 2017 – Youth Revival

Despite the news that we received during the service tonight we had a good service with a great message tonight. We would like to ask for you to pray for Andrew Young (our Pastor’s 4th son). He was in a four-wheeler accident this afternoon. His four-wheeler hit a bump and threw him forward and then the four-wheeler ran over him. He has 2 big gashes in his head and has a broken ankle and a possible broken elbow. Please pray for a speedy recovery and that he would heal nicely. He is being admitted overnight for observation and hopefully will get to come home tomorrow sometime. Please keep Andrew and his family in your prayers.

Tonight Bro. Michael Lindsay continued his sermon on “Determining the Will of God for Your Life” out of Ephesians 5:15-17. God has a will for our life and it is there for us to know what it is. We picked up where we left off last night talking about the 4 absolutes about the will of God. Last night we saw it concerning the children and concerning courtship. Tonight we looked at the absolute will of God concerning a career. In concerning a career with men, every man should labor. Some men will have a calling on their life, a ministerial calling. Ministry work is hard work. It is hard work to study, and pray, and plan, etc. Some men will have a calling, but all men should have a craft, even if they are called by God in a ministry. Men should have a skill to do something, a skill in something worthwhile. Ever man should labor and also every man should lead. Ever man has some measure of leadership; they are going to lead something. Man, are you training up to be a leader? By being a follower, you will learn how to be a leader. In Titus 2:1, 2, 6-8 we see some things about the young man. They should have control about them. They should think clearly – sober minded. Be careful what you say in your thinking. There should be consistency. There should be consistency in staying with the Lord and not going in and out of the world. There should also be cleanness and clearness. There should be clearness about what you believe. You should also be continuing, be real, be genuine, and be sincere. There should also be conversation in your life. Be careful about what you say. Then there is the consequence as well. People will say things about you because you want to live right. They can’t say anything evil about you, but they will talk and run you down for trying to live for God and do what is right. Every man should love as well. They should love the Savior first and foremost. Do you really love Jesus? You will not truly love until you love Jesus. You should love your siblings. Do you love the brethren? Lastly you should love your spouse. A career for ladies is found in Titus 2:4-5. There should be discipline. Be sober – wise, avoiding error. Do not be easily persuaded. There should be dedication – love your husband and love your children. You should also be discreet and decent. Your duty is to be a keeper of the home. You should be devoted and be obedient to your own husband. Lastly there is dishonor. When you are disobedient to these verses you bring shame to God, the church, your home, and to yourself. The fourth absolute will of God is concerning the church. Men are you spiritual enough to lead a family. What kind of church should you go to? It should be a church where the Scriptures are preached. The KJV Bible is the only Bible that should be preached. Go to a church where the preacher will preach the Word of God and will not be ashamed to preach thus saith the Word of God. Go to a church where the preacher has some guts about him. You should also go to a church where submersion is practiced. The only church you should go to is a Baptist church. Go to a church that believes in baptism by immersion. Lastly you should go where the Spirit is present. Go where it gets on and where the Holy Ghost moves in. Go where the Holy Ghost shows up and refuse to go to a dead church. Young people, get character and discipline in your life right now while you are still young. If you do not get it when you are young, you may not ever get it. If you don’t get the absolutes, there is no use praying about the amazing will of God.

We are having a special service at 10:00 in the morning. Bro. Lindsay will be preaching for us in the morning service.

Again, please be in prayer for Bro. Andrew Young. He could really use your prayers and so could his family. We had church tonight, but it was with heavy hearts. Thank you for your prayers.