Wednesday night, March 01, 2017 – Youth Revival

We had another great service tonight. Andrew was able to be with us tonight for the evening service. It was really great seeing him, and we are glad he is doing well. He went home this afternoon because you know you do not get any rest in the hospital. It was good to see a smile on his face despite all he’s been through since yesterday afternoon.

Tonight Bro. Michael Lindsay continued his sermon series on “Determining God’s Will for Your Life” out of Ephesians 5:15-17. We have looked at the absolute will of God and the amazing will of God. Now we are going to look at how to find the will of God for our life found in 1 Kings 17:1-9. The first thing we see is the preparation for determining the will of God for our life. There needs to be preparation in our heart and in our life. What is happening in our life is to prepare us for the will of God. The will of God is revealed through the Scripture (keep reading the Word of God and He will show us what He wants us to do), through service (as we do what we know to do God will reveal His will for our life), and in segments (he gives us pieces at a time to teach us to walk by faith and to depend upon him. He gives us just enough light to take and see the next step in our life). There are also problems in doing the will of God. It will never be easy to do the will of God. There will be bumps in the road. There will be circumstances that will come up. They tried to kill Elisha and he was fed by birds and the brook dried up. Circumstances will never be perfect when doing God’s will for our life. Our circumstances may include obstacles. The devil may throw an obstacle in our way to get us away from the will of God. Others may be a problem in our life. Sometimes the problems we face come from others (our friends and family). We do not need to let others be a problem in our life in doing the will of God. Then there is the convenience of God’s will. It is not convenient to do the will of God. We will have to step out of our comfort zone. There is also complacency. We get comfortable where we are at, and God wants us to get out of that comfort zone of complacency and do something for Him. Then there is carnality. We must be willing to die to our self. There is only 1 Lord in doing God’s will, and that is the Lord Himself. Lastly there are the promises in devotion to doing the will of God. There is a particular place God wants us to be. There is a “there” in the will of God and He wants us to be there. God has a perfect plan and purpose for our life. The providence of God is a promise from God. There will be a word from God and He will meet our need. God will do what He has to do to take care of those doing God’s will for their lives. Then there is the power in the promise. Nothing will fail of the Word of God. What He says He will do. He can part our Red Sea, kill our giants, crush our walls, and fill our barrel. Then there is the protection in the promise. We are protected by God as long as we stay in God’s will for our lives. Protection only comes when we are in His will. There is a “there’ in the will of God. If we get close to God He will pour in us and we will know the will of God. Are you doing God’s will for your life? Are you “there?”

Due to some circumstances Bro. Barry Philbeck will not be able to be with us Thursday night or Friday night, so the Youth Revival was ended tonight. We hate that this happened, but we know that God is in control of everything that is going on. Pray for our young people that they will have a desire to do God’s will for their life no matter what it is God wants them to do. Pray for the adults that we will do God’s will for our lives and that we will encourage others to do God’s will for their lives.

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