Sunday, March 05, 2017

What a great day we had today in the Lord’s house. It was good to be in the Lord’s house today and to be among God’s people. We had 16 kids to ride the bus this morning and we had 3 first time riders. What a blessing.

Here is a small update on Andrew for those wanting to know. Every day Andrew is getting better and is continually improving physically. He will go back to a doctor one day this week to recheck his elbow and ankle to see if they are broken. He is still too swollen to know for sure. Please keep pray for him and his family.

This morning for Sunday school we looked at Haman and Mordecai and how Haman hated Mordecai and the Jewish people. Mordecai would not bow down to Haman and because of that Haman hated him and the Jews. As Christians we are hated by the world, but that should not cause us to hate them, we should still love them. The world will mock us, criticize us, scoff us, scorn us, and laugh at us, but we should still love them. We should not mock or criticize them because then we would be no different than them, and we are to be different than them because God has chosen us as a peculiar people and has separated us from the world. If we do what they are doing then we are no different than them, and we will lose our opportunity to be the witness God has for us. We should love the sinner, but we should hate the sin. We should love as God loves. We should not love the world, but we should love God, and we should love Him with ALL our heart, soul, and mind. God doesn’t want us to love Him a little, or half-way, or almost all the way. He wants us to love Him all the way. When we love Him all the way, we will love others the way that we should. We love Him and we will love ourselves right and that will cause us to love others right. Will we still love Him in the good times and the bad times? It is easy to love God in the good times, but how much do we really love Him in the bad times when things are not going as we want them to? How is your love for God? How much do you love God? Do you love the world more than you do God?

This morning Pastor preached out of Luke 6:21-23 on “The Blessings of a Hated Man.” If we are a hated person we will always carry a mark – vs. 22. We are marked off as a Christian from the world. We are marked by being at Antioch Baptist Church. When we get saved the world will separate from us, they will put boundaries up. As a Christian we should be identified and marked. We will be marked, we will be identified. If we are hated we will also be mocked – vs. 22. The mocking crowd will always be there to mock us when we do right. If we live right and clean we will be mocked by the world. They will speak evil of us and they will lie about us. They do it all because of our love for God. They will make all kind of accusations against us that will be false. They will try to degrade us and push us down. All the world is interested in is mocking us and they forget all that we do for the Lord. If we fall in love with God they will say all sorts of things about us. If we are hated our life can be filled with merriment – vs. 23. What do we have to rejoice in? There is joy in serving God. We have gone through what we have gone through and have not gotten bitter and therefore we have reason to rejoice and have merriment about us. We cannot do anything about what they say about us, but we should still have joy. We can rejoice because we know what is coming later. We can rejoice because God is on our side. Lastly if we are hated we can finish right – vs. 23. There has always been a generational problem with being hated as a Christian. When the prophets were hated they kept preaching and they finished well. Being hated is not the first time and it is not the last time, but we can make it. Others finished well and so can we. Are you blessed because of being hated? We should be.

Tonight we had Bro. Paul Smith with us, who is the founder of Citizen Impact, and he preached for us. He preached on “What Are We to Do” out of Romans 8:28-31. It is the churches job to change the values of the American people. Only 1/3 of Christians are voting in the presidential elections. We always need to remember that God is ALWAYS in control. We should pray for our elected officials – 1 Timothy 2:1-2. We are to pray for political leaders. Are we praying for them like we should? Do we know who are elected officials are for the State house and State member? Do we know who are Congressman is? Do we know who are Senators are? We should know who these people are because we should be praying for them. We have little to complain about because we are not praying for our elected officials as we should. We should pray for them spiritually, for their family, for them to vote honestly, and to walk honestly before God. Also we should influence as salt and light – Matt 5:13-16. Salt is used to preserve food because draining the bacteria out of the food. We are here to drain the win out of those around us. Light is used to expose. Light exposes the evil but darkness covers the evil, that is the why the world loves darkness rather than light. We should step out in faith and then we will know what God wants us to do with our life. Who knows what God will use us to do? We should put our self in a position to be able to be used by God. Lastly we should interact as a Christian witness. We should call our elected officials and let them know how we stand on certain issues as a Christian. We should witness to our neighbors. We should do our best to talk to others about the Lord. Colossians 4:6; 1 Peter 3:15. We need to interact in a godly way. Things will get worse but we do not need to sit on the side line. We should occupy until He comes. 1 Chronicles 7:14 – Healing can come to America. We need to repent and turn from our wicked ways. What are you doing? Are you doing all the God wants you to do?

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