Sunday, March 19, 2017

What a great day we had today in the Lord’s house. It never fails; it is always a wonderful day when we get to come to church. We had 19 kids to ride the bus this morning and 2 of them were first time riders.

This morning for Sunday school we continued our lessons in the book of Esther by looking at chapter 5 and seeing the pride of Haman. Haman was a wicked person and he was full of pride. He was proud of the fact that he was the only one invited to the banquet that the Queen Esther had arranged. He was so full of pride it eventually destroyed his life. As Christians we should have some pride about us. We should have pride in what we do, because we should do our very best, and when we do our very best it shows that we take pride in what we do. But, we do not need to let our pride get out of hand. If we are not careful our pride will become sin like it did in Haman’s life. We should not be filled with wrongful pride, the pride of inordinate self-esteem where we think and believe we are better than anybody else. We are NOT better than anybody else, and when we begin to think that we are, we are being filled with the wrong kind of pride. In order to get rid of our pride we need to start humbling ourselves. Getting the wrong kind or pride out is hard, but it can be done through prayer, Bible reading, and memorizing Scriptures. We should memorize Scriptures that deal with pride and with humility so we can remember the curse of pride and the blessings of humility. God hates pride, and He has an extreme hatred for pride. We should take on His hatred, and hate pride, and try to live a humble life. We should be filled with humility instead of pride.

This morning Pastor preached out of Psalm 48:1-3 and Psalm 28:1 on “How to Get out Of a Mess.” Our testimony will make a difference. In order to get out of a mess we have to see the need to have some supernatural help. Some program, or AAA meeting, or rehab is not what the psalmist asked for because he knew they would not help. He knew his help was only going to come from the Lord. He had to have something that was super natural to take place in his life. God paid a debt we could not pay to pull us out of a pit we could not get out of on our own. God knew how to get us out. We also must have super eye-sight to see where we were at. He had to realize he was broke. He had to see himself as he really was. He realized only God could help him out of his mess, and we need to realize that only God can help us out of our mess. We are broke and we cannot get out on our own. He was on the bottom and he cried out for help. What kind of pit was he in? He could have been in a religious pit, a pride pit, a lust pit, or a pit of his past. No matter what pit we are in, God can get us out of it. We just need to call on Him and ask Him to help us get out of the pit we are in. The psalmist also realized he was bound. He could not get out, he was stuck. We can try to get out on our own, but no matter what we try, or how hard we try, we will NEVER be able to get out on our own. Thirdly, he was placed on a solid foundation. A solid rock is the best foundation to be on. If we were to build a house, if we could build it on a solid rock, we will have a firm foundation. He became the opposite of everything that he was when he was lifted up out of the pit. Where we are at today is all because of Jesus. Lastly we must have a new step, or song. 88.3FM radio station is not the music that God would put in our heart when He lifted us out of the pit. He would have put the music of songs, and hymns, and spiritual songs. He put a new song in our heart, a song that would honor and glorify God. We are given a new praise and new sight. God saved us, not to tithe (although we should) or to sit on the pews of the church (though we should be faithful to the house of God), but He saved us so that our changed life could be seen by our neighbors, our co-workers, and the family members that hate us. He saved us to others could see God in our life. Are you in a pit this morning? God can get you out of the mess you are in this morning. God can.

Tonight Pastor preached on “The Sin of Gambling” out of 1 Timothy 6:10. There are no verses on gambling and why it is wrong, but the sin of gambling is the love of money. Gambling is playing a game of chance for money. When either party has a chance to lose, it is considering gambling. The lottery, horse races, bingo, raffles, fantasy sports, and others are examples of gambling. Deut. 8:18. If God wants us to have wealth, He will let us have it. The world today has the mentality of getting rich quick. Eccl. 5:10. Gambling creates a covetous mentality because they are never satisfied with what they have. It is an addiction. Ex. 20:17-18. Gambling will ruin our testimony. Heb. 13:5. We as Christians should be content with what we have. Money is made by working, not by gambling. Gambling is a tool of the devil to create a lazy person. Debt from lusting after something is just as bad as gambling. Luke 12:15. If covetousness wasn’t a big deal there would be no verses in the Bible about it, but because it is there are verses in the Bible about covetousness. If we as Christians are not careful we will be prone to covetousness. In 2013 the USA gamblers lost $119 billion. In 1999 gambling generated more money than sports, cruise ship, and movie films combined. Proverbs 15:27-28. Gambling creates greed. The ABC’s of gambling is Addiction, Bankruptcy, and Crime. Human trafficking and government corruption is hooked with gambling. In 2009 there were 129.9 million households in the USA and the average gambler lost $556 per household that year which totals $71,724,000,000. Between the years 1991 and 1999 it is estimated that over 4 ½ million dollars of gambling money was used to sponsor politicians. In 2010 Wisconsin had a hotline to help gamblers. The average debt for each gambler was $43,800 per household that called. Matthew 6:24. Gambling destroy work ethics. It also causes major family problems. Many people neglect their home and their family because of gambling. If you cannot handle $10 you will not be able to handle $100. Learn to handle money; do not let money handle you. Proverbs 23:5 and Proverbs 28:19. Gambling is wrong and sinful because there is nothing good about gambling. Don’t let the world tempt you with gambling.