Sunday, March 26, 2017

“I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.” Psalm 122:1 What a great day we had in the Lord’s house today. We had 12 kids ride the bus this morning, what a blessing!

This morning for Sunday school we looked at Esther chapter 6 and how that Mordecai was honored and Haman was humbled. Mordecai humbled himself and lived a life of humility and because of that Mordecai was honored by King Ahaseurus. When we humble ourselves, God (our King) will honor us. God can only use us when we humble ourselves before Him. When we are proud we cannot be used by God and God will do nothing with us. He will not even answer our prayers if we are filled with pride because being full of pride is sin and God will not hear our prayers if we have sin in our hearts. Pride will cause us to do everything on our own and not ask God for help. Humility is just the opposite. Humility will make us realize that we are nothing and we can do nothing on our own. We have to have God’s help in our lives. If we are humble God can answer our prayers and then and only then can He use us the way He wants to use us. Are we full of pride, or are we humble? We are to be humble as a little child. Why does the Bible say we should be humble like a little child? Because a child is not full of pride and will do whatever they are told to do no matter how silly or crazy, or stupid it is. We should be that humble to where we will be willing to do whatever it is that God wants us to do. Are you humble?

This morning Pastor preached out of Jeremiah 18:1-23 on “It Must Be God’s Way.” People (Christians included) don’t want to change today, nor do they want someone to tell them they need to change. Most people overlook the example God gives them. There is more than one wheel working in our life for us to understand God has a design and a plan for our life. God is interested in perfection. He is daily working on the wheel of our life to perfect us. He’s working on us to make us into a vessel unto honor and to be used. Most people overlook the earnestness of God. God does care about what is going on in our life. God is trying to make what He made into something different and great. When God saved us He knew what kind of vessel He wanted us to be. God wants to make us into something; we do not need to refuse the working of God in our life. When we sin God wants us to get it out of our life so He remolds us to make us better. God wants to put us on the wheel to make something out of our lives. Also, most people overlook the expectation of God. The Bible says “If that nation”, it doesn’t name a specific nation so that means it’s for any nation and for anybody. If anybody, He’s talking to everyone, will turn to Him they must repent. There has to be repentance and let God work in our life. Repentance is turning from our way to God’s way. God expects us as Christians to repent as well. Repentance is not just for lost people, it’s for saved people as well. God wants more than an “I’m sorry.” He wants repentance, godly repentance. If we won’t repent, God will fight against us. Either repent or He will fight against us. Fourthly most people overlook the extremities of God. God desires us to be so right, He takes His pure hands and puts them in our filthy life and sets us on the wheel and gets out the sin and wrong in our lives. He’s willing to stick His hand in our junk to get us like He wants us. God’s dealing with us when a project in mind. God has a design for our life and it’s His way. Lastly most people overlook the end with God. God said He would make their land desolate. They were leaving the purity of God and the place of God. When we leave God the world can’t believe where we are at. The world is looking at us when we don’t go God’ way. We become a disappointment to those that are around us. If we turn away from God, we will turn away from the Word of God. Are you allowing God to mold your life? Are you letting God put you on the wheel to make you into a vessel He can use and perfect?

Tonight Pastor preached on “Being an Empty Vessel for God to Use.” Out of 2 Kings 4:1-7 and 2 Timothy 2:21. In verse 1 we see the character of the man that had died through the words of his wife. He was a man that loved God and served God with his life. We will never get into a situation that god will not help us and He will always be there. No, we may not see Him at times or feel Him, but He is always there. This woman is about to lose everything she had including her 2 sons. In verse 2 we see that God wants that little bit that w have, that’s all He wants from us. God is not interested in what we don’t have; He is interested in what we do have. He wants what we have. In verses 3-4 we saw there are times that we should shut the door on our family and let them know that God met our needs and is always there to help us. We do not need to hide what God is doing, and has done for us. The vessels are what completed this story. They were in good shape. God doesn’t need a bunch of cracked vessels; He wants vessels that are in good shape that He can use. God wants an empty vessel to use and to fill it up with Him. An empty vessel to us may be an answer to prayer for somebody else. We may not be much, but we may be the answer to someone else’s prayer. As she poured out that day, God poured in. God is not looking for something specific in the vessel; He is just looking for some empty vessels. There is no requirement to the vessel God is looking for. Our job is to do what God has told us to and He will do the rest. God is not looking for us to be the prettiest or the smartest, just someone He can fill up with Himself and use. This oil that day was multiplied as she used it. When we use the blessings of God on our life that is when the oil will be used. We will never be used of God until He pours into our life. We have all the oil we need, it is in the Bible, but we do not use it so we will never know how it works. God will never pour into us something that we will wish is better, He will always gives us His best. Although God has a plan, He doesn’t show us the start and the finish. He just wants us to take each step by faith until we reach the finish line. We need to come before God as an empty vessel so that when God wants to use us we will be ready to be used.