Sunday, April 09, 2017

Today was a tremendous day and it was a wonderful day to be in the Lord’s house today.  We day a great day on the church bus as well with 21 kids riding today and 5 of them were first time riders.


This morning for Sunday school we continued our lesson in the book of Ruth looking at chapter 8 and how God turned things around.  Things looked very grim for Esther, Mordecai, and the Jews because of the decree that was set against them.  But, God turned things around by giving Mordecai wisdom in writing another decree so that the Jews would be saved from being destroyed.  Evil was intended against the Jews, but God turned the evil against them for good.  God can turn any situation we are in and turn it into good.  The Jews’ world was turned upside down the day the decree was made against them, but they let God control their life and their destiny and God worked everything out.  Esther and Mordecai allowed God to control their life so they knew everything was in God’s hands.  They knew that God would work things out the way that He wanted them to. Our world at times will get turned upside down, but if we allow God to control our lives He will make our world upright again.  When our life is in His hands and we go through storms, He will help us, and control us and help us make it through whatever we are facing in life.  Is God in control of your life, or are you in control of your life?  The choice is ours to make.


This morning Pastor preached out of John 9:1-41 on “I Don’t Have but One Answer.”  The people were trying to explain the miracle away; they did not want the answer God had given them.  The world is looking for answer in many different ways from alcohol to drugs and anything else, but there is only one answer to their problems and that is God.  His first answer was of his past.  He was blind, but now he could see.  In his past he was blind and he had to rely on someone else to lead him around.  His past was not very good at all.  In order for us to get help, we have to realize we are blind.  Only God can fix our life.  Our spiritual blindness is only fixed by Jesus Christ.  He is the only one that can fix our life.  He gave God all the glory for what God did in his life.  There was also one answer for his position.  He was on the side of the road, blind.  He could not come to God, but God came to him.  God is the only one that could change his position in this life.  The dirt, nor the spit, nor the water made him see that day, but it was all of that mixed together with God that gave him his sight that day.  There was also one answer for his present.  At one time he sought directions from another person and by his feelings, but on this day it all changed because of God.  God opened his eyes, and helped him to find the right direction for his life spiritually.  Before we met the Lord the devil led us around and led us in all the wrong directions.  The devils path never stops until it ends in destruction of when a person meets the Lord.  We will only live for God when Jesus comes in our lives.  Christ must be in our life if we are to be a Christian.  God is marvelous and He is awesome, and He will be worshipped.  The blind man saw Jesus for who He really is.  He fell down at His feet and was thankful for what God had done, and began to worship Him.  He loved the Lord.  The problem in our life has but one answer and that answer is Jesus Christ.  Do you have a problem today?  Jesus Christ, the one true God, is the answer to your problem.


Tonight Pastor was away preaching a Light of Calvary Baptist Church in Conyers, GA so Dr. Young preached for us tonight.  He preached on “The Immeasurable Love of God” out of Ephesians 3:13-20.  We should love the Word of God, the way of God, and the work of God.  The devil does not want us to have the love of God.  The devil doesn’t mind us talking about the love of God; he just does not want us to have the love of God in our lives.  The love of God will keep us from sin.  God wants us to know all that we can know about the love of God.  We recognize the love of God at salvation.  Before salvation we were ugly to God, yet God still loved us.  We have to keep cultivating the love of God in our life, and we do it by going back to the day we got saved.  We are loved despite the sin in our life.  The love of God is what changes a person.  We should be satisfied with the love of God in our life.  The love of God changes our attitude, our actions, and our language.  It changes every about us.  If we are not living right it is because we are not cultivating the love of God and the love of God is not drawing us.  We do not know what love is until God’s love comes into our life.  The love of God reveals the power that is now present in our life.  We have power from within.  We have One that speaks to us and tells us when we are doing wrong.  The power of God keeps us from going astray.  The only way to know Him intimately is we have to love Him.  God’s hand will be withdrawn from the wicked.  The only way we live is by the power of God.  After salvation we fall in love with the truth (God’s Word).  We need to love God.  We are not cultivating the love of God when we quit reading the Word of God.  Read the Word of God so we can have the love of God.  God wants us to know His presence daily.  God will touch us and use us, but we have to have the hunger and desire to be used by God.  God’s love will touch us in such a way that we will be used by God because we will desire to be used.  God’s love makes us have the opportunity to worship. The love of God will cause us to worship God.  Every saved person will not worship the same way, but we should all worship God.  If we will give all the love we can give, we will worship Him, and we will adore Him.  Others will see us have the love of God.  Do others see the love of God in your life?  Do you have the love of God in your life?