Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What an honor it was to be in the Lord’s house tonight and to hear a great message from the Lord.


Tonight Pastor preached out of Hebrews 1:6-9 on “Being Content.”  Are we content with God?  Some people after salvation forget what they have in salvation.  God has a plan, but it’s not going to work our way, it will only work His way.  Are we content in His companionship, His help, and His protection?  We have to be content with His way.  If we do our job, God will do His job, and we have to be content with that.  Are we content with His provisions?  Proverbs 16:16; 16:8.  With having food and raiment we should be content.  We have more than food and raiment and yet we are not content.  Be content with God giving us all that we need.  If we get content, everything that’s good for us, God will give it to us.  WE may think that God is withholding things form us that are good, but God knows what is good and what is best for us.  Are we content with God’s fruit?  Riches to us are money, but god gives riches that are durable.  He’ll give us riches that will last forever.  Proverbs 8:19 – God’s fruit is better than gold.  God’s fruit is better than the worlds.  When we get out of contentment with God, we are in trouble.  Be content with God and we will be content with everything else.  Matthew 6:33 – Are we content with His adding.  Seek God first and we will know that God adds right hand is plenteous in His adding.  Romans 8:28 – Are we content in how God works things out?  The verse did not say it will work out our way, or what we think is best, but God’s way is right.  If it is not working out for good for us, we might need to check out the last part of that verse.  2 Corinthians 4:18 – Are we content with the unseen things?  We are content with our temporal things, those things that we can see, but what about those things that we cannot see?  Hebrews 13:15 – Are we content with His companionship?  Philippians 4:11 – Are we content where God has us at?  Philippians 4:13 – Are we content with His power?  Be content with His power, but not His power in our life.  God has enough power to fix our problems.  He can handle and fix our circumstances.  Are you content with God or are you discontented with God?  We should be content with God because God knows best and God is good.