Sunday, May 07, 2017

Today has been a great day, and it was great being in the house of the Lord today.  We had 20 kids to ride the bus this morning and only 1 of them was a first time rider.  What a blessing to have faithful kids that ride the bus each week.


This morning for Sunday school we finished our lessons in the Book of Esther.  We looked today in chapter 10 how Mordecai was a godly influence.  Mordecai was put as second in command in the land.  Only King Ahaserus was higher than him.  Mordecai was a godly influence since the beginning of this book, and he stayed a godly influence all the way to the end.  He encouraged his people, and he helped them any way that he could.  He wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, a difference that would be godly and last their whole life.  What kind of influence are we?  Are we a godly influence, or are we a worldly (bad) influence?  We can influence someone just one time and it will affect them the rest of their life whether it is godly or worldly.  As a Christian we should be having a godly influence on others.  We can be a godly influence by encouraging them in the things of the Lord.  If we make a godly influence on just one person, that can set off a chain reaction that will keep going.  What kind of influence are you?


This morning Pastor preached out of 2 Thessalonians 3:1-7 on “What God Wants in a Believer’s Life.”  We come short in our Christian life and we blame it on everything else but us.  When we say “I can’t” we are down grading God.  We struggle and blame it all on our circumstances.  God wants us to let the Word of God have free course in our lives.  When God’s Word goes forth He expected His Word to have free course and do a work in our life.  When someone says “no” to God in salvation, they stop the free course of the Word of God, and there is no guarantee that He will deal with them again in salvation.  Our spirituality stops when the Word of God does not have free course in our life.  What would happen in our life if we allow the Word of God to have free course? What does God have free course in our life about?  What is God changing in our life?  God also wants a believer to know the Lord has a work for our life.  The words stablish you means to stabilize.  God wants to stabilize us.  He will stabilize us, but we have to let Him.  We need to get stable in the work of the Lord.  Get stable and we can dig a straight ditch even among circumstances and problems.  If we are doing what we doing in the will of God, He will stabilize us.  If we are saved, there is a work for us to do.  God saved us to work, not to sit on a pew all of our life.  The words keep means to guard a person that he may remain safe.  God wants to guard us to help us to remain safe.  If we fall into evil it is because the Word of God is not allowed to be manifested in our life.  The Lord is faithful and will keep us.  If we did not fall into evil it is because God is faithful.  Also God wants His believers to know that His will is important.  God wants us to do the will of God, but don’t stop there, keep on doing the will of God for our life.  Never stop doing the will of God.  Stay away from evil, and keep staying away from evil.  God puts us in His will and we need to stay there.  Lastly God wants His believers to be a witness.  God needs witnesses.  When God gets a hold of directing our heart we will be a witness.  We have a hard time staying in the will of God because of our heart.  If it is in our heart we will do it.  If our heart is not right nothing will be right; visitation will not be right, the husband will not be right, the wife will not be right, the ministry will not be right, etc.  We need to let God direct our heart.  If he get our heart, He can get anything.


Tonight Pastor preached on “When To Pray” out of James 5:13-18.  One of the things we lack is prayer and power in prayer.  Elijah let God help him over his problems, and we need to learn to do the same thing.  The word afflicted means to suffer trouble, hardship.  We should pray when we suffer troubles.  In the Christian life we are going to go through troubles, and when those troubles come we have got to pray.  If we do not pray when trouble comes we are in major trouble.  We also need to pray when there is smooth sailing.  When we pray during the times of smooth sailing it will help us pray in the times of trouble.  Just because things are going great does not meant we need to slack up on our praying.  We need to pray ahead and get ready for the trouble that will come our way.  We also need to pray when we are sick.  Sin could have caused their sickness in these verses.  If we do not pray when we are sick, we become very vulnerable.  The devil will use our time of sickness to attack us.  Lastly we should pray when we are in sin.  We should confess to the one that we have hurt.  We should also confess to someone that’s spiritual.  If a person is not spiritual, we do not need to tell them our faults because they will tell the whole world.  They are just looking for something to destroy and ruin our lives.  If we tell a spiritual person our faults we have 2 people praying instead of just 1.  2 is a lot better than 1.  How is your prayer life?

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