Sunday, May 14, 2017


What a privilege and honor it was to be in the Lord’s house today.  We had a great day with it being Mother’s Day on top of being able to go to church this today.  We had 15 kids to ride the bus this morning and 2 of them were new.  We also had 2 kids ride this evening to church.  Every Mother in our church received a small basket with a few items in it for Mother’s Day, as a small token of appreciation and thanks for all of our Mothers.


This morning for Sunday school we started a new series of lessons out of the book of James.  For the next 12 weeks we will be going through the book of James.  Today we did a short introduction into the book of James and we looked at the author and then we looked a little at the chapter titles for the book of James.  Faith is woven throughout the book of James and it shows us that real faith works.  Real faith will work in our times of temptations and in our service and in our speech and in our separation and also in our looking for the second coming of Christ.  Faith will work if it is real.  How is your faith?  Is your faith real, or is it a fake?


This morning Pastor preached out of 1 Samuel 1:1-10, 18-28 on “The Testimony of a Godly Mother.”  There is not a mother in this world that does not desire to be the best mother they can be for their children.  We have a lot of good mothers today, but we are lacking with having godly mothers.  A godly mother is not developed after a child is born.  Being a godly mother is developed when you are young and before children arrive.  If God has saved you after you have children, God can develop you into a godly mother for the children you already have.  A godly mother is not accomplished without problems.  Hannah had pressures put on her that no one else knew about.  A mother cannot be godly without problems.  Problems are used to develop you into a godly mother.  Problems are what draw you closer to the Lord.  If you let God help you through your problems you will become better and not bitter.  Being a godly mother is also not accomplished without prayer.  Hannah had problems, and she went to the Lord in prayer about them.  She had no close friend to go and tell her problem to that could help her.  The only one that could help her was the Lord.  When was the last time you prayer mother?  Do you take your burden and troubles to the Lord, or do you blab them to everyone else instead?  There will be problems that no one will understand and cannot help you.  There will be problems that only the Lord can help you with.  Hannah prayed when she needed the Lord.  She did not stop praying when no answer came, she just kept praying.  Being a godly mother is going to take prayer, prayer, and more prayer.  Being godly is a struggle that will take prayer after prayer.  It will not be accomplished in one simple prayer.  Also being a godly mother is not accomplished without pressure.  Being a godly mother is not accomplished without pressing on.  Hannah didn’t know God had answered her prayer; she just kept going on, and kept pressing on.  She gave it all to the Lord, and just did what she was supposed to do.  She wasn’t going to let her problems run her life.  A godly mother has to learn to take her problems to the Lord and leave them there.  Hannah’s problems did not get in the way of her love life.  A godly mother will not allow her problems to come between her and her husband in any way.  A godly mother is not accomplished without a plan.  She went through with her plan.  What she prayed, she did.  She stayed in the plans that God had.  Lastly, a godly mother is not accomplished without keeping her promises.  Hannah fulfilled the promises she told the Lord she would do.  She remembered the promises of God.  She did not forget about the blessings of God.  She trained Samuel in the right way.  Samuel worshipped the Lord, and he learned that at home from his mother.  Just worship God anyway no matter what comes your way.  Worshipping God will get you through your troubles and trials.  We need more godly mothers that get close enough to God so that they can pass it on to their children just as Hannah did.  The more Samuel grew physically, the closer he got to the Lord.  Hannah taught him how to get closer to the Lord.  Your children need a godly mother.  Are you a godly mother?  If not, make a change and let God work in your life to make you the godly mother He wants you to be.


Tonight Pastor preached on “What Will the World Find on Tomorrow” out of 1 Samuel 31:1-13.  What happens will God’s people die?  Saul lost his direction – vs. 9.  If we start fighting against God, and get bitter against God, the devil will cut of four head, and we will lose our direction.  For all the victories we get as a Christian, the devil glories in all the victories he has over the children of God.  If we die on god, the world will take our direction away from us.  Saul’s fighting was over, and his victories were over. The devil wants to cut our direction off.  When we get bitter against God and mad at God, it is not affecting just us, it will affect those that are around us.  If we get out of God’s will, the first thing we will lose is our direction.  Saul also lost his protection.  He lost the protection that at one time protected him and showed who he was, all you saw was Saul.  The world needs to see our armor on.  The devil wants to strip our protection from us.  Saul went from looking like a King to looking like a man.  The devil will take us from looking like a child of God to looking like the world.  He wants us to look like everyone else.  The world hates saved people.  Because we hate the devil and fight against him the devil wants to destroy us, and take our protection away.  He would love nothing more than for our protection, our armor to be destroyed.  Lastly Saul lost his affection.  He loved his nation and fought against idols and in the end his body ended up in the enemy’s camp.  We will find our self in a place where there is no affection.  The things and the people he had once loved were gone.  Get cold on God and we will lose our affection for the ones that we love.  We should be careful of what we think because we could be the next one that looses our direction, protection, and affection.  We are not above falling.  Does the world have a grip on you?  Have you lost your affection, or your protection, or you direction?  Don’t ever get cold on God, or bitter against God.  It is not worth it in the end.  Just ask Saul.

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