God has blessed our church with a lot of talents and one of those is singing. Below you will find most of our groups that sing specials during the course of a service.  We are not a part of the new contemporary music that is out today, but rather, we love the old time, old fashion singing.  Our singing is used to help the service and to bring honor and glory to God. 

Adult Choir

Children’s choir

Hewett Family Singing :
L to R: Bro. Michael Sales, Sis. Toni Sales, Sis. Ann Hewett, Bro. Kenneth Hewett, and Bro. Adam Hewett (playing the guitar)

Ladies Group:
L to R: Sis. Caroline Proctor (playing piano & singing), Sis. Lindsey Glasscock, Sis. Sarah Hayes, Sis. Shannon Hayes, and Sis. Merry Young

Young Family Boys:
L to R: Dave Young, Phillip Young, Ronnie Young, and Andrew Young

Young People Singing:
L to R: Bro. Michael Glasscock, Sis. Lindsey Glasscock, Sis. Sarah Hayes, and Bro. Adam Hewett

Young Ladies Singing:
L to R: Bethany Proctor, Jacey Jenkins, Jennifer Jenkins, Katy Sales, Michaela Sales, and Emily Hayes

Emily Hayes Singing

Proctor Family:”
Back: Sis. Caroline Proctor (playing piano & singing)
Front: Bethany Proctor and Joanna Proctor

Marin Family (Spanish Family):
Bro. Damion Marin and Sis. Marie Marin

Bro. Stephen & Sis. Ruth Weaver