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Dr. Ron and Sis. Jan Young are members of Antioch Baptist Church in Harlem, Georgia. Our church was established in 1977 and since its start has had only three pastors. Our Pastor, Bro. David Young, took leadership of the church after the retirement of his father, Dr. Ronald Young, which pastored Antioch Baptist for 33 years. Through the leadership of Bro. David Young, the church is going strong for the Lord and continuing in the fundamentals upon which the church was established over 34 years ago.

Antioch Baptist is strongly mission minded and supports 54 missionaries, with one of the missionaries being sent out of the church. Dr. Ron and Sis. Jan Young are missionaries out of our church representing Antioch Baptist Printing Ministry.

Some of the ministries of Antioch Baptist Church include: jail ministry, two nursing homes, a visitation program, a Spanish ministry, a youth ministry, a prison ministry, and a printing ministry. Each ministry is under the umbrella of the church. There is always something for people in the church to do if they are willing and wanting to help.