Our Pastor

Bro. David Young has been preaching the Word of God for over 19 years and has been pastoring since February of 2011. Bro. Young is a graduate of Antioch Baptist Bible College in Harlem, GA. Bro. David and his wife Stephanie have eight children Phillip, Dave, Ronnie, Andrew, Matthew, Jonathan, Elizabeth, and Josiah. Bro. David is desirous of seeing the Word of God printed and distributed in as many countries as the Lord will allow.  Almost daily he gets correspondence from people who have received and want more of our literature. The letters are very encouraging to the ministry and keep us wanting to print more and more so that others can be saved and/or helped by the printed Word. Bro. David’s desire is also to help the young people. He wants to encourage them to stay in church and to stay with God no matter what may come their way in life.

As members of Antioch Baptist Church, we stand behind our Pastor 100% in the decisions that he makes for the church. As he follows God’s leading, we will continue to follow our Pastor. We know the decisions he makes are from the Lord, and are for the betterment of the church.